Dead Rising: Watchtower (2015) 1080p YIFY Movie

Dead Rising: Watchtower (2015) 1080p

Dead Rising is a movie starring Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, and Virginia Madsen. A group of people fight to survive in a zombie-infested town.

IMDB: 5.23 Likes

  • Genre: Action | Horror
  • Quality: 1080p
  • Size: 2.27G
  • Resolution: / fps
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 118
  • IMDB Rating: 5.2/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 2 / 0

The Synopsis for Dead Rising: Watchtower (2015) 1080p

In East Mission, Oregon, the Hit Point reporter Chase Carter and the camerawoman Jordan are covering stories from the people in quarantine of a zombie outbreak. The FEZA is using the vaccine Zombrex to inoculate the victims and Chase tries to interview Crystal LaRourke that is on the location. Out of the blue, the patients turn into zombies and Jordan flees with the Hit Point car, leaving Chase behind. He follows Crystal chased by zombies and she stumbles upon Maggie, a woman in shock that has just lost her daughter. They seek shelter in a loan store while Jordan arrives in the border but is sent to quarantine. While the military under the command of General Lyons want to bomb the city since Zombrex is ineffective, Chase, Crystal and Maggie fight to reach the border. Chase discovers a secret about Crystal while Jordan discloses the real intention of General Lyons.

The Director and Players for Dead Rising: Watchtower (2015) 1080p

[Director]Zach Lipovsky
[Role:]Jesse Metcalfe
[Role:]Virginia Madsen
[Role:]Keegan Connor Tracy
[Role:]Meghan Ory

The Reviews for Dead Rising: Watchtower (2015) 1080p

Hoped for moreReviewed byJanisUVote: 5/10

So, it is not as I am not familiar with dead rising, since I played first dead rising game on xbox 360 when I was a lot younger, so I have some nostalgic childhood memories about dead rising.

When I saw that there is a movie about dead rising, I was kind a excited and I decided to watch it.

It is not like I didn't watch it all, but it kind a didn't give me the effect after which I was.

Overall it gave me kind a feeling that it is game movie, it is kind a good in some way , but there were so many theatrical moments that I felt bad about them. Speaking about movie's story, well I felt that it was rather promising, but that is about it, what is not good at all. I hoped for something more interesting, creative, wise. What can I say, weapons which wouldn't work in real life, or stupid decisions made by key persons, that is not cool at all.

Of course there were some interesting stuff too, like zombies who are smarter than usual ones or scenes from TV studio. As well this movie didn't go cheap for brutality, a lot of bloody scenes and a lot of action.

I personally liked this movie more than disliked, though it was a bit of disappointing, since I hoped for something more wise. If you like zombie movies or you have played dead rising, well you can go and watch it, just so you have seen it, but if you have never played dead rising or you are not fan of zombie movies, you may found this movie a big waste of your time. Though the main actress is really hot, so yeah for her you can go and watch it!

In my opinion this movie goes from 5 to 6 out of 10 in my scale.

Great stuff, dark humour and zombie stomping action !!Reviewed byFourstrawberriesVote: 8/10

I loved this film. From almost the beginning a thread of dark humour followed the plot that kept a wry smile on my face. The usual servings of political, criminal and military bad guys who richly deserve a gruesome end, and the poor innocent zombies just being zombies. Toss in a miracle drug called "Zombex" (of course!) and a raft of home-made anti zombie weaponry of mixed effectiveness and you have a movie worthy of a night in. The survivor of the last zombie outbreak being interviewed on a live news show is hilarious, but those who think this was the only humour have missed a lot. Watch out for the zombie clown, genius!!!

Not Bad got me interested for moreReviewed bykorompispVote: 6/10

First of all I love Zombie movies, i watch all types even the crappy ones... Off course if your into Zombie movie the 10 rating will be George R "Night of the living dead". 8 rating comes "Dawn of the Dead" remake which is fun and a surprisingly good a french movie "La Horde". On the Bad or Worse Rating All the Uwe Bole sucks ass. I thought "Dead Rising Watch Tower" will be like the worse kind.... BUT SURPRISINGLY its well directed, good production value. Its not a Big budget one, but true to its fan of Dead Rising Games. I must say i am entertained, its a good enough movie to hold true to gaming to movie conversion. So overall if u do love zombie, this one will entertain you.

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