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Going Back (2001)

Going Back is a movie starring Casper Van Dien, Jaimz Woolvett, and Bobby Hosea. A group of Marines return to Vietnam with a news crew to relive their tragic war experiences.

IMDB: 5.51 Likes

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The Synopsis for Going Back (2001) 720p

USMC captain Ramsey is part of a group of US veterans and war victim's son Brad Jordan, invited in the post-Col War age by the Vietnam government to revisit their battle grounds now international relations are friendly. Initially he refuses to face his unit's darkest, most traumatic memory, but after an affair with a guide accepts. The violent past is slowly reconstructed trough site-stimulated flash-backs and finds a way to catch up and spark another drama.

The Director and Players for Going Back (2001) 720p

[Director]Sidney J. Furie
[Role:]Joseph Griffin
[Role:]Bobby Hosea
[Role:]Jaimz Woolvett
[Role:]Casper Van Dien

The Reviews for Going Back (2001) 720p

Surprisingly effective war drama!Reviewed bysupertom-3Vote: 6/10

This is a fairly morbid yet emotional war drama, starring Caper Van Dien and Carrie Otis. It is about a group of ex vietnam soldiers re-visiing aold battle gorunds years after the war. THye re-live memories of the war and remember things that they had tried to forget.

The film doesn't delve into the cliche bucket to many times as war films usually do and the script is fairly good. The actors perform well in some good roles but Casper Van Dien, who has the most important part, just cannot act. He almost ruins some emotional and effective scenes but is thankfully just rescued by some superior performance by people such as Jaimz Woolvett. The film is low budget but veteren director Sidney J Furie handles preceedings well, the guy definitely knows what he is doing. There are some good battle sequences, particularly in the last half. Overall this could have been better but it isn't bad, it is certainly better than some big budget stinkers like Windtalkers. 6/10

Garbage (communist propaganda)Reviewed bypocomarcVote: 1/10

Manuel Jose from Spain wrote a terrific review of this movie.

Here it is, below.

by Manuel Jose from Spain 14 August 2006

Movie filmed with supervision of Vietnamese communist regime

This movie sounds like communist propaganda most of the time. When they go like: " Vietcong fought for love to Vietnamese people..." Let's look at the facts- Probably the Vietcong and North Vietnam Army (NVA) committed more mass-murders in South Vietnam than the SS in the whole Russia during the WWII. Everyone suspicious of not being supportive towards the communist cause was killed by communist militias, no matter children, elder people... Specially Hmong people, who were assassinated in a grand-scale by NVA. The American Army and specially the Special Operation forces served and protected ethnic groups such as Hmong, Kha, Meo...

This movie focuses in 1968, when the Stalin-like mass-murderer Ho Che Minh decided to launch a brutal strike with the intention of defeating America's will to persevere and win the war. The truth is that American troops won every major battle but the feeling was that this war couldn't be finished in a short period.

We see some atrocities committed by US soldiers, and you see this movie is completely manipulated by communist propaganda- exactly as if this movie was directed by a Vietnamese communist Goebbels. The vast majority of brutal criminal acts, mutilations, murders were committed by Vitcong and NVA. Hundred if not thousands of villages were destroyed by NVA during the war. South Vietnamese people were terrified with the Vietcong mass-murder squadrons.

All in all if you know how to differentiate facts from rhetoric, this movie could be interesting at specific moments.

Nevertheless the rhetorical anti-American long-winded verbose when they go like " The American men are the devious, scheming evil and the other people are the victims..." That was the communist propaganda in the third world during the 20th century and everybody intelligent enough should discern between precise facts and rhetoric pro-communist or anti-western points of view.

War buddy's go back to Nam,to find peace in there mind.Reviewed byOne_Shot_One_KillVote: 7/10

A reporter goes to Vietman with 6 former war buddy's to find out, What really happen'd in the War there. A movie played in the present,with flashback's to 1960's.

The same actors in the past and in the present,sometime's a good thing, sometime's not.In this case the actors did well.

Casper van Diem play's Cap.Ramsey a young leader of Echo Company. He knows what has happened and want's to let it rest,But the rest of 5 war buddy's don't...

A Good Vietnam movie with a good story. I give it a 6, in a scale from 1 to 10.

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