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The Walker (2007)

An escort who caters to Washington D.C.'s society ladies becomes involved in a murder case.

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The Synopsis for The Walker (2007) 720p

Carter Page III holds a special place in Washington society: the gay son and grandson of powerful men, he has connections, manners, and he's no threat, so he's an available escort when a woman's husband would rather not accompany her to a public event. When the secret lover of one of his women friends is murdered, she asks Carter to cover for her, and his acquiescence gets him into immediate trouble with the police and an ambitious prosecutor. Carter, with the help of his lover Emek, starts his own investigation. They're warned off by someone's hired muscle. Can Carter figure out what happened or will he lose more than he realizes he has? Human behavior is a mystery.

The Director and Players for The Walker (2007) 720p

[Director]Paul Schrader
[Role:]Lauren Bacall
[Role:]Kristin Scott Thomas
[Role:]Woody Harrelson

The Reviews for The Walker (2007) 720p

Murky Character Study Disguised as a Capital Beltway Conspiracy with a Miscast HarrelsonReviewed byEd UyeshimaVote: 5/10

Even though he borrows liberally from his own "American Gigolo", writer/director Paul Schrader ("Auto Focus") tackles an intriguing premise in this character-driven 2007 murder mystery but just can't seem to deliver on it. The concept revolves around the movie's title, which refers to a man who escorts older women of a certain standing to gala events and social activities that hold absolutely no interest to their husbands. What makes this particularly interesting is the Washington, D.C. setting where the atmosphere is thick with powerful politicos whose unscrupulous dealings lead to unwanted consequences. At the center of the story is much sought-after walker Carter Page III, an effete social dandy who happens to be the son of a former governor of Virginia. Carter is gay but seems to be out only to his canasta circle, as he holds down a one-day-a-week job as a real estate broker.

The prominent society women who enjoy his company are aging doyenne Natalie Van Miter; Lynn Locklear, a senator's adulterous wife; and Abigail Delorean, the materialistic wife of Washington's most powerful fixer. Things suddenly get complicated when Lynn's lover is murdered, and the chivalrous Carter volunteers to tell the police that he discovered the body when it was really Lynn who did. What happens afterward is quite a muddle with Carter turning into a social pariah as he investigates the case himself. One can surmise from random comments that there is a blackmail plot involving both Lynn's and Abigail's husbands as well as the Vice President. What does become clear is that clarifying the conspiracy plot is not Schrader's main concern here. The filmmaker appears more interested in examining how Carter deals with being an outcast in a community where who you know is all that matters. However, that would require having a rooting interest in Carter. This is where the film falters, as Schrader makes Carter a relatively opaque figure caught in the unsavory machinations of the Washington power machine.

Equally murky is the relationship between Carter and his lover Emek Yoglu, who photographs Abu Ghraib-like S&M images with the hope of using Carter's connections to have a gallery showing. Give Woody Harrelson credit for an audacious turn as Carter, but he unfortunately doesn't bring a convincing pulse to his eccentric character. Instead, he gives us a series of affectations in a jaundiced tribute to Truman Capote. Kristin Scott Thomas effectively uses her innately chilly persona to Lynn, but I wish Schrader used Lily Tomlin and the 83-year-old Lauren Bacall more effectively to flesh out Abigail and Natalie beyond winking one-liners. Willem Dafoe and Ned Beatty have glorified cameos as Lynn's and Abigail's husbands, and it's a cheeky move to have Tomlin and Beatty play husband and wife three decades after playing marrieds in Robert Altman's "Nashville". Moritz Bleibtreu ("Run Lola Run") does what he can with the underdeveloped role of Emek. The 2008 DVD is sparse on extras - just the original trailer, a few previews and a brief making-of short that has producer Deepak Nayar proclaiming Harrelson worthy of an Oscar.

A Tour de Force for a Fine Cast of Seasoned ActorsReviewed bygradyharpVote: 8/10

THE WALKER (defined as a man who escorts rich ladies around town in their leisure) is both a pungent political comment and a fine mystery from Paul Schrader who both wrote and directed this smart film and had the good fortune to surround his tale with a fine cast of actors. It may not be a film for everyone, but it will satisfy viewers who tire of superficial fluff films, allowing time to ponder the way we live and converse today.

Carter Page III (Woody Harelson in one of his finest performances) is an openly gay, well- heeled, dapper man about town who devotes his life to pleasing the wealthy wives of men in high government levels in Washington, DC. Together with Abby (Lily Tomlin), Natalie (Lauren Bacall), Chrissy (Mary Beth Hurt), and Lynn (Kristin Scott Thomas) the group gossips, plays canasta in an expensive hotel parlor, and confides secrets that are surefire rumor fodder. Lynn is escorted by Carter to her lover's home for a tryst only to find the lover murdered. Carter attempts to protect Lynn from scandal only to become implicated himself. Carter discovers secrets about his own insecurities, and while he is solidly supported by his lover Emek (the excellent Moritz Bleibtreu), an artist of strange works that prove subtle background connotations of the mystery that is unwinding, he must face the realities of his decision when confronting husbands, lawyers, police, and intelligence agents (portrayed by such fine actors as Ned Beatty, Willem Defoe, William Hope and Geff Francis). The story is, in many ways, an examination of the corruption in Washington, DC - a fact that may explain why it did not enjoy a long theater run.

For viewers who appreciate fine dialogue and a smart story with well-delineated characters portrayed by superb actors, this is a film that should not be neglected. Grady Harp

Classy, Intelligent & EngrossingReviewed byJason J. W. LisenchukVote: 8/10

Great script, direction and acting.

The pacing is deliberate as character development (and exposition) is so key to the story. On the other hand, the last few scenes of the film seem a bit rushed as the main source of dramatic tension is resolved somewhat abruptly.

Overall a strong film, with standout performances from Harrelson, Bacall, Scott-Thomas, and Bleibtreu.

On a more personal note ...

I screened this at the Toronto International Film Festival as it premiered at Roy Thomson Hall. There was a projection problem midway into the film, caused by a bad splice. An intermission was announced to give the technical team sufficient time to re-splice the film.

During this intermission, which ended up stretching to nearly 45 minutes, Mr. Schrader and Ms. Bacall took the stage and entertained the audience with a far-ranging and candid Q & A session. This was a very generous and gracious gesture, and very much appreciated.

It was a real treat to see Ms. Bacall in this film and at the premiere. She is a legend many times over, and 60+ years into her storied career, she continues to exude class, strength and glamour. They don't make stars like this anymore, and we are the poorer for it.

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