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Transsiberian (2008) 1080p

A Trans-Siberian train journey from China to Moscow becomes a thrilling chase of deception and murder when an American couple encounters a mysterious pair of fellow travelers.

IMDB: 6.71 Likes

  • Genre: Crime | Drama
  • Quality: 1080p
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 111
  • IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 
  • MPR: Normal
  • Peers/Seeds: 1 / 0

The Synopsis for Transsiberian (2008) 1080p

Americans abroad. Roy and Jessie finished a volunteer stint in China. He loves trains, so they go home via the Trans-Siberia Express. There are strains in the relationship, including her past. They meet Carlos, a Spaniard, traveling with Abby, a young American. Carlos keeps close to Jessie, and when Roy is left behind and waits a day for the next train so he can catch up, Jessie and Carlos take a trip into the dead of winter to photograph a ruined church. Carlos may be running drugs, so, later, when Roy catches up and introduces Jessie to his new pal, an English speaking Russian narcotics detective, he's the last person Jessie wants to see. Will the Siberian desolation be their undoing?

The Director and Players for Transsiberian (2008) 1080p

[Director]Brad Anderson
[Role:]Woody Harrelson
[Role:]Ben Kingsley
[Role:]Emily Mortimer

The Reviews for Transsiberian (2008) 1080p

Reviewed byvickie324Vote: 9/10/10

Loved this movie and wonder why it was so under-marketed. I went to seeit because I actually took the Trans-Siberian train this summer and soof course this movie intrigued me. (Luckily my trip was not soeventful!) While of course the movie was more personal for me since Icould really relate to a lot of the scenes about life on the train andin the stations, this movie will appeal to anyone who likes a goodmystery. This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat and is reallywell-done. And it definitely captures the current political and socialclimate of Russia today. Having dealt with the border guards in Siberia(over a visa problem) I witnessed first hand the 'wild west' mentalitythat currently exists in that country. It may be hard for Americans tobelieve that the events that occur in this movie are realistic. Butthey are. And Woody Harrelson is a revelation. Ben Kingsley is great asalways. I was not familiar with Emily Mortimer prior to this film but Iwill be on the lookout for her next film. It's a shame not many peoplewill see this movie. Hopefully they'll catch it on pay per view. Highlyrecommended.

About stereotypesReviewed byTatiana GorsheninaVote: 4/10

Evaluating the movie I take into account two major things – judging “Transsiberian” as a thriller and the way they show Russia in the movie, because this is where the events take place. Besides almost everything in the screenplay is based upon the peculiarities of the country. Actually I live in Russia, though Siberia is father from me than most of the European countries but such are the distances in Russia. In one of the first Russian talking pictures, in “Tsirk” (1936) precisely, the was a song “Broad my native land is”; as I was watching ?Transsiberian” I kept on thinking that the song might be really illustrative and that “Transsiberian” is probably the very film to show to everybody how boundless the country is.

But before watching I checked whether the film was shot in the USA, as I’m tired of watching the images of Russia that is shown in the Hollywood pictures. You know of course, if Russian then undoubtedly wearing USHANKA, drinking VODKA, singing songs, walking hand-in-hand with a bear and selling Russian dools. Such a grotesque character may be seen practically in all the films connected with Russia; and this very character is probably either a mobster (corrupted cop will do) or a prostitute, or maybe a drug dealer. This is all tedious. That is why having read that the film was done by a number of European countries (namely Germany, Spain, etc), I thought I might hope to see something adequate without Hollywood stereotypes. However there turned to be inalienable vodka and ushanka, luckily enough no bears. And those who acted as Russians were wearing sweat suits. Not but a long-distance train’s atmosphere I would not have watched the movie up to the end. In a train vodka and sweat pants are a little bit more acceptable than elsewhere. What puzzles me somehow is that the movie lays emphasis on drawbacks of the journey and the people surrounding the main heroes, the couple, but what is good – the sceneries, the hospitability, probably road romantics – is shown in passing.

The citizens of Russia may be roughly divided into “good” - those who help the tourists - and “bad” - all the rest. And the bad ones seriously outnumber the good, of course. The rights of the tourists are being violated at every step. But against all the unfairness of the world they have an incantation, that is: “We are Americans, mind you (probably, before torturing us)”.

I am most convinced of the naivety of those who wrote the screenplay, at least of what concerns Russian realities. I can assure you: nobody will drink for oil in the train. If they had shouted “Na zdorovye”, it would have been boring and dull but more or less looking like true.

Next, what a pleasure to watch a Russian police officer being able to speak English! Though a colleague of his does wear sweat paints, but one cannot demand everything at the same time. Grinko’s English proves that the creators of the film lay certain trust on our education level. For this only fact I would give the movie а 7, because earlier the only sounds the Russians made in the movies were obscene four-letter words.

To make every detail even more authentic, the character performed by Thomas Kretschmann was given such a lovely name as Kolzak. It might be even better, if somebody explained me whether it is supposed to be a surname or a Christian name, because neither exists. There is no such a name, believe me. This caricature of Kolzak is wearing not only sport trousers with stripes, but a thick golden chain as well which is in fact too much. Does anyone really believe that this is a usual uniform of the police in Russia, for it seemed to me they were introduced as policemen? And it is a pity to see Thomas Kretschmann looking appallingly and participating in such stuff.

As a whole, very na?ve. I lost my time watching.

A thrilless thriller...Reviewed byftylVote: 6/10

Brad Anderson is one of those directors who everyone thinks they like until they look him up. Since getting attention with his creepy (but unsatisfying) Session 9 in 2001 his only feature of note was 2004's The Machinist - a movie which will always remain more famous for the extraordinary physical transformation of its star (Christian Bale) than its effectiveness as a creepy thriller. This is partly because Bale's emaciated form was genuinely mesmerising but mostly because the movie just isn't very good. So, after a few years directing TV episodes, Anderson had something to prove with his latest - Transsiberian.

I've never really thought of Emily Mortimer as a leading lady. She's always seemed either hopelessly insipid or appears to be battling some unrecognisable accent and a cold at the same time. It may come as a surprise then to learn that she is one of the best things about Transsiberian but unfortunately that statement comes with a number of disappointing caveats. In the film Mortimer and a mis-cast, toupee sporting Woody Harrelson play a husband and wife heading home to the US after completing charity work in China. In a decision which screams 'bad choice' to the ever watchful audience, they forgo a simple flight home in favour of the famous 8000 km rail journey through the snowlocked Russian wastes. Hence the title of the film.

What results is billed as a twisty action thriller, with multilayered secrets and lies and the familiar device of a claustrophobic location surrounded by scenic wilderness. This may not sound particularly original but, done well, it could amount to an enjoyable few hours of escapism. And, in fairness to the film, it starts well ? meandering slowly through the mystery laden landscape of character development, planting seeds of murky histories and maintaining a convincing sense of unease and displacement ? 2 American tourists in the time warp of undeveloped Russia. Events occur in a fashion that makes sense, uncomfortable situations get steadily worse and, around the time Ben Kingsley shows up as a Russian detective, everything seems on a wonderfully dramatic collision course with the revelations of the final act.

But then the 'twists' begin. Not twists in the normal thriller sense of the word but closer to the M Night Shyamalan meaning ie: twists that spoil a perfectly watchable film. The final act of Transsiberian dispels any sense of tension and unease by blowing the films internal logic to smithereens. I'm not suggesting for a second that the follies here are on the level of the denouement of Signs (or the entirety of Lady in the Water), but they do manage to bring the films momentum to a halt. Both The Machinist and Session 9 had problems with their endings, Anderson seems to believe that if everything doesn't reach an overedited fever pitch he isn't doing his job correctly. This is a shame as the deliberate but inexorable pacing of the plot was one of the films strong points.

Ultimately, Transsiberian is a missed opportunity. Some good performances and impressive cinematography are not enough to smooth over the eccentricities of the final act. It cannot maintain the tension well enough to be a thriller but is too mild to fall into the category of suspense/horror. If it is a drama about the fate of foreigners abroad then why does it descend into near Outer Limits territory towards the ending? Brad Anderson may well have potential as a talented filmmaker but so long as he continues to make films which are only halfway effective he will remain in that halfway obscure list of directors-you-have-to-look-up-on-IMDb.

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